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Introducing PatientFetch

We created a platform combining the digital marketing elements you need most, all in one product. Here's how it works.

Stunning Prosthodontic Websites

Your success starts with a prosthodontic website that not only looks great, but smartly appeals to the needs of modern patients.

prosthodontic mobile web design


Convert Website Visitors to Appointments

New patients can easily contact your office or even book their appointments online.

Patient Reminders

Ensure your patients show up for their appointments with text and email reminders.

Reputation Management

The PatientFetch platform helps you automate the patient feedback process to capture your Net Promoter Score®, testimonials, and online reviews. We help your practice reach out to your patients, ask them about their experience, and market their positive feedback and reviews across the web.

HIPAA Compliant

You can rest assured your PatientFetch marketing system and doctor website is fully HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA Compliant

Search Engine Optimization

Our local SEO system will help patients easily find your website.

Digital Advertising (Optional)

Turbo charge your results with digital advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook, Instagram, WebMD and hundreds of relevant sites in your area!

Call Recording (Optional)

Get recordings of all of your calls from your digital advertising efforts to ensure your front desk is converting as many patients as possible.

Prosthodontic Website Marketing: Because Looks Are Important.

healthcare marketing web designProsthodontic websites play a key role in helping people smile.

It’s how patients get in front of your business. Hanging on to an underperforming website costs prosthodontists like you more and more money and patients each year.

PatientFetch provides you with an all-in-one solution–one that allows you to differentiate your practice from other prosthodontic websites while also serving as the cornerstone of all your prosthodontic marketing efforts.

  • PatientFetch makes patients smile with stunning prosthodontic website design elements built around increasing site traffic.
  • Prosthodontist marketing best practices like targeted prosthodontic SEO enable your practice to be found in over 100 online locations.
  • Standard packages start at an affordable $449/ mo.
  • Patient privacy is never a question thanks to special HIPAA-compliant encryption technology that promotes patient/prosthodontist trust.
  • Your 5-star prosthodontic reputation gets promoted more efficiently with a special “rate my doctor” feature that generates positive word of mouth.

PatientFetch websites are fully responsive so patients never have trouble viewing them via mobile, tablet, or desktop devices. They’ve also been designed with the expertise of professionals with over 20 years experience in healthcare marketing.

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Google recently handpicked the team behind PatientFetch to join their Premier Partner program. Our mutual objective is to grow your practice to the next level. Google honored us with their support for many reasons, including our reputation, healthcare expertise, certifications, successful clients, and Adwords experience.

Our Pedigree

We created PatientFetch to provide you with an affordable, best practices website and digital marketing platform. Our expert team has marketed thousands of private practices over the past 20 years. We also frequently write and speak on the topic of online marketing. PatientFetch is a wholly owned subsidiary of Healthcare Success, LLC.

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